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From here to eternity

From here to eternity

Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky - 2013

Two channel video projection, color, with three sound channel, loop
Dimension variable

In the two-channel video projection Jorge Macchi takes the Hollywood classic From Here to Eternity literally and paradoxically, showing two loops made on the few seconds the title and the words THE END appear in the film. As these two clips have slightly different lengths they don't match up and their correspondent soundtracks coexist in the exhibition space superimposing each other always in a different way and creating a chaotic sound mixture. With the help of a computer software musician Edgardo Rudnitzky creates a third audio channel in real time: for every moment the software chosses notes from a menu of women voices in order to create a harmonious coexistance with the two other sound loops.